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Lily Co-writer & Producer of "Lily"
an award winning short film starring
Peter Facinelli of
"The Twilight Saga" & "Can't Hardly Wait".
Road Rage "Road Rage"
Finalist in the comedy category of 2011's International Songwriting Competition.
Mr. Benjamin's Car "Mr. Benjamin's Car"
Finalist in the rock category of the 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest & Honorable Mention in the SongDoor 2011 International Songwriting Competition.
Taking Sheets All Around The World : Sheets Video Contest "Taking Sheets Around The World"
Finalist in the 2012 Sheets Brand Energy Strips commercial contest. 
"The Drunk Monster"
a Horror/Comedy screenplay, reached the quarterfinals in 2011's Scriptapalooza Contest and was a prizewinner in 2011's Script Pipeline Competition.
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